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Organic Farm Tours

Healing Farm is located at the south end of the Martindale Valley on the Saanich Peninsula. This Certified Organic (IOPA #1704) 18 acre farm has a diverse natural environment. From mature stands of Douglas Fir, Cedar and Hemlock to multiple varieties of fruit and nut trees; berries; grapevines and vegetables; as well as chickens, eggs, honey and maple syrup. In its approved commercial kitchen & egg grading station the farm produces dehydrated fruit leather, chips, juice& eggs. Produce from the farm is sold at stores, markets, restaurants & the farm gate. Healing Farm works with schools & community groups to demonstrate & provide hands on experience and education.

Healing Farm offers the following tours and these tours can be customized to meet different interests.

Tour #1:

  • An ecosystem approach to sustainable farm/forest practices. This will illustrate the link between healthy forests, good farm practices, lifestyles & reducing climate change.

Tour #2:

  • Bees at Work. A discussion & demonstration of beekeeping including all pollinators with specific reference to honey & mason bees and honey extraction. The important role the bees play & their connection with a healthy environment & why they need protection.

Tour #3:

  • Diversity & sustainability of agro crops on Southern Vancouver Island with the focus on fruit, nuts & maple syrup. This will include the importance of retaining heritage genetic stock & its value in adapting to climate change.

Tour #4:

  • The application of benign technologies to reduce our carbon footprint (high tech and reliable old technology). Walking the talk & illustrating what things can be done to reduce our impact on the environment.

Tour #5:

  • Watershed management, water conservation & water use. Water as a critical resource for all living things. Tour will cover what steps can be taken to protect & maintain this life giving resource.

Tour #6:

  • Humane animal husbandry -- how to raise healthy & happy chickens. The link between healthy animals & human health as well as related moral & ethical values.

Tour #7:

  • What does certified organic mean -- policies and demonstration of on-site practices. Treating our planet in a holistic manner & steps that can be taken to do so.

Tour #8:

  • Value added products -- the wonders of natural, local fruit leather, fruit & vegetable chips, fruit juice and maple syrup. Moving away from(synthetics and artificial) foods to healthy alternatives that contribute to human & planet health.

Tour #9:

  • What we all can do for our planet & future generations. The role that we can play both Local & Global Citizens & Stewards in advocating for change for a better future.

Tour #10:

  • Fun Farm Tour -- meet & socialize with farm animals, hear true farm stories & see what our farm has to offer (honey, fruit chips, juice).

Tour #11:

  • Adapting to Climate Change - environmental, social and economic paradigm shifts possible and required to minimize impending impacts of climate change -- potential strategies for increased understanding and involvement.

  • A combination of all of the above 11 tours in one (2 hours).

Customized Tour

  • Specialized -- customized tours such as Maple syrup taping & processing, Mason (orchard bees) husbandry & fruit tree pruning & grafting are available during appropriate season.

Each of our tours are one hour long or 2 hours for a combination of tours.

  • 1 hour tour (10 or more) $10.00 each
  • 2 hour tour (10 or more) $18.00 each
For Tours for less than 10 people please contact Healing Farm. Maximum tour size is 15 people.

Our tours are scheduled with reservations for Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., but we are happy to arrange alternative times for groups. All of tours are stroller-friendly, however not all tours are fully accessible. If you have accessibility needs, please let us know ahead of time and we will plan your tour with this in mind.

For further information or to book please call us at 250-652-6456 or info@healingfarm.ca.