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Free Range Organic Chicken Eggs

Our egg chickens are provided with a spacious, indoor living environment with freedom to move and access to constant fresh clean water and only certified organic grain. They also are provided with access to the outside (from sunrise to sunset) to range freely and have access to green grass, the ability to scratch and search for food such as bugs and worms, to have areas for sun/dirt bathing and loafing. We often supplement their diet with fresh vegetables and greens from our certified organic garden. All the above makes our chickens as happy and healthy as possible. No pesticides, herbicides or poisons of any kind are used on this farm.

Our eggs are collected 4 times daily from rear roll out nests to ensure cleanliness and freshness of all eggs. When our egg laying chickens no longer lay eggs, they are kept as retirees and remain part of the flock.

Our poultry are housed in a spacious state of the art poultry barn with ample light, roosts, clean bedding, access to continuous fresh water and feed, and out of door areas. This poultry barn has been designed and meets all certified requirements as identified by national, provincial and local organic certifying bodies.

Our eggs are certified organic, graded in a CFIA approved and provincial licensed egg grading facility. Our cartons are all new, are best before date stamped, labeled and include nutrition information as well as the Canada Grade A logo.